Jordan Cutler

Software Engineer

Hi! I'm Jordan, a Software Engineer at Gusto.

Work Experiences


San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer
July 2019 - Present

Since graduating, I have been working at Gusto on Financial Products team. You can get a better sense of what I've been up to on my resume!


San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer Intern
Summer 2018

This past Summer, I worked on the Timelines Infrastructure team leading a product through its lifecycle. I worked on the design of the Thrift and JSON additions, then proposed it to a group of senior engineers. After that, I created supporting documentation and channelled communication through design, client engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders. I ended the internship by launching the experiment so we could determine if the product will proceed to production. A couple other things I worked on during the Summer was reducing load on the Timelines API by allowing clients to choose what data they want sent back, a 6 codebase wide refactor, and more fun things where I learned a ton! Thanks so much to Twitter for providing the amazing experience they did.


Bethlehem, PA
Backend Tech Lead

During my time at Dolomite, 6 friends and I worked on creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. I served as a backend tech lead who set up a large portion of the technical architecture patterns that are still in use today. Examples of these include a JSON response format for minimizing data duplication, pagination, error handling, rate limiting, database ORMs, and the decoupling of interactions from the controller to the database level. Through these patterns, I mentored two junior developers who hadn't used Scala before and were only partly familiar with cryptocurrency. Combined between the three of us, we wrote X0,000+ lines of code. Together with everyone else who worked on it, we were able to create a clean and working decentralized exchange viewable at


San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer Intern
Summer 2017

I worked on the Onboarding team writing infrastructure in Scala that will be used by many teams across the company. The code I wrote set the ground layer for any team to be able to send in-app prompts to users based on business logic they set. I also created the first set of prompts to take advantage of the infrastructure, currently hitting ~500,000 users/day. I worked across teams, constantly communicating with the Timelines team and client engineers, as well as writing code in the Timelines team codebase (part of the microservice architecture). I also spent time outside of my project reviewing my team members code and making refactors within our codebase whenever I could.

Lehigh University

Bethlehem, PA
Software Engineering
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2017

At Lehigh University, I was a teaching assistant for Software Engineering (CSE 216). I met with 4 teams per week to discuss progress on their project, grade weekly assignments, hold office hours, and answer questions on Piazza. I loved doing this because I had the chance to learn so much by helping others learn Software Engineering!

ASTM International

West Conshohocken, PA
Credit & Collections Analyst
Summer 2016, Winter 2016

During the Summer and Winter of 2016, I worked at ASTM International as a Credit & Collections Analyst. In my position, I researched and discovered multiple cases of credit card fraud, and was able to stop shipment of the product, saving the company over $30,000. I also created an electronic file system which stored over 200 company contracts, which significantly reduced the time needed to access contracts.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science & Business

Lehigh University
2015 - 2019
The Computer Science & Business program is a Lehigh-unique ABET and AACSB accredited major which is a full CS degree and full business degree. In my major, I learn everything a CS student learns, everything a business student learns, and how to apply my CS skills in fast-paced environments.

Courses (shortened)
  • Software Engineering
  • Algorithms
  • Databases
  • Web Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Blockchain
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics

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Angular R Git C++ Python Node.js



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