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Hi! I'm Jordan Cutler, an engineer, developer, and junior at Lehigh University. I am a part of the Computer Science & Business program, a Lehigh-unique ABET and AACSB accredited major which is a full CS degree and full business degree. In my major, I learn everything a CS student learns, everything a business student learns, and how to apply my CS skills in fast-paced business environments. I also just finished an amazing internship this past summer where I had the chance to write software for !


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Backend Engineering


Lehigh University, May 2019 Expected Graduation
B.S. Computer Science & Business

Computer Science

P.C Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

At Lehigh University, students receive a world-class Computer Science education. As a rising junior, I have already taken Algorithms, Software Engineering, Database Systems, Systems Software, and Computer Architecture. At the end of my junior year, I will begin working on my capstone project; which entails using the intersection of my skills to design a system which assists a company with a specific real-world problem.


College of Business & Economics

In the College of Business & Economics, I take a wide range of courses that in conjunction with my Computer Science courses, gives me a unique background. These courses include Management, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Supply Chain, and business law. My degree consists of 136 credits, superseding all other majors at Lehigh aside from 5-year programs.


Lehigh University

Teaching Assistant (Software Engineering)
Bethlehem, PA / 2017 - Current

At Lehigh University, I am a teaching assistant for CSE 216 or Software Engineering. My role is to meet with about 4 teams per week to discuss progress on their project, grade weekly assignments, hold office hours, and answer questions on Piazza. I love doing this because I have the chance to learn so much by helping others learn Software Engineering!

Twitter, Inc.

Software Engineer Intern
San Francisco, CA / Summer 2017

This past Summer, I worked on the Onboarding team writing infrastructure that will be used by many teams across the company. Due to NDA, I cannot go into more detail about my project, but I can say that it involved me working across teams, constantly communicating with the Timelines team and client engineers, as well as writing code in the Timelines team codebase (part of the microservice architecture). I also spent time outside of my project reviewing my team members code and making refactors within our codebase whenever I could.

ASTM International

Credit & Collections Analyst
Conshohocken, PA / 2016 - 2017

During the Summer and Winter of 2016, I worked at ASTM International as a Credit & Collections Analyst. In my position, I researched and discovered multiple cases of credit card fraud, and was able to stop shipment of the product, saving the company over $30,000. I also created an electronic file system which stored over 200 company contracts, which significantly reduced the time needed to access contracts.



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