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Hi! I'm Jordan Cutler, an engineer, developer, and rising junior at Lehigh University. I am a part of the Computer Science & Business program, a Lehigh-unique ABET and AACSB accredited major which is a full CS degree and full business degree. In my major, I learn everything a CS student learns, everything a business student learns, and how to apply my CS skills in fast-paced business environments. I'm also interning at as a Software Engineer this summer!


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Backend Engineering


Lehigh University, May 2019 Expected Graduation
B.S. Computer Science & Business

Computer Science

P.C Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

At Lehigh University, students receive a world-class Computer Science education. As a rising junior, I have already taken Algorithms, Software Engineering, Database Systems, Systems Software, and Computer Architecture. At the end of my junior year, I will begin working on my capstone project; which entails using the intersection of my skills to design a system which assists a company with a specific real-world problem.


College of Business & Economics

In the College of Business & Economics, I take a wide range of courses that in conjunction with my Computer Science courses, gives me a unique background. These courses include Management, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Supply Chain, and business law. My degree consists of 136 credits, superseding all other majors at Lehigh aside from 5-year programs.


Twitter, Inc.

Software Engineer Intern / San Francisco, CA / Summer 2017

This Summer, I will be a Software Engineer Intern at Twitter, Inc. As a member of the Onboarding team, I will be building features that help new and existing users understand the value of Twitter and learn how to use the product to create value in their lives. I will be programming in Scala, a language that supports both imperative and functional programming.

ASTM International

Credit & Collections Analyst / Conshohocken, PA / 2016 - 2017

During the Summer and Winter of 2016, I worked at ASTM International as a Credit & Collections Analyst. In my position, I researched and discovered multiple cases of credit card fraud, and was able to stop shipment of the product, saving the company over $30,000. I also created an electronic file system which stored over 200 company contracts, which significantly reduced the time needed to access contracts.

Lehigh University

Tutor / Bethlehem, PA / 2015 - Current

At Lehigh University, I tutor for Fundamentals of Programming and Programming and Data Structures, which are the first two Java courses offered. In the Fall of 2017, I will be a grader for Software Engineering. During the semester I was taking Systems Software, I was also tutoring multiple students for the compiler project, which involves building a compiler in C++ that compiles code for a smaller version of C.



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