Jordan Cutler

Engineer & Developer

Hi! I'm Jordan Cutler, an engineer, developer, and senior at Lehigh University. I just finished my second internship at Twitter this Summer (2018)! Programming is my passion and I try to become better every day. Right now, I'm looking for a full-time position and in my free time working on creating an intuitive decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Check out our website at

Work Experiences


San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer Intern
Summer 2018

This past Summer, I worked on the Timelines Infrastructure team leading a product through its lifecycle. I worked on the design of the Thrift and JSON additions, then proposed it to a group of senior engineers. After that, I created supporting documentation and channelled communication through design, client engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders. I ended the internship by launching the experiment so we could determine if the product will proceed to production. A couple other things I worked on during the Summer was reducing load on the Timelines API by allowing clients to choose what data they want sent back, a 6 codebase wide refactor, and more fun things where I learned a ton! Thanks so much to Twitter for providing the amazing experience they did.


San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer Intern
Summer 2017

I worked on the Onboarding team writing infrastructure in Scala that will be used by many teams across the company. The code I wrote set the ground layer for any team to be able to send in-app prompts to users based on business logic they set. I also created the first set of prompts to take advantage of the infrastructure, currently hitting ~500,000 users/day. I worked across teams, constantly communicating with the Timelines team and client engineers, as well as writing code in the Timelines team codebase (part of the microservice architecture). I also spent time outside of my project reviewing my team members code and making refactors within our codebase whenever I could.

Lehigh University

Bethlehem, PA
Software Engineering
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2017

At Lehigh University, I am a teaching assistant for CSE 216 or Software Engineering. My role is to meet with about 4 teams per week to discuss progress on their project, grade weekly assignments, hold office hours, and answer questions on Piazza. I love doing this because I have the chance to learn so much by helping others learn Software Engineering!

ASTM International

West Conshohocken, PA
Credit & Collections Analyst
Summer 2016, Winter 2016

During the Summer and Winter of 2016, I worked at ASTM International as a Credit & Collections Analyst. In my position, I researched and discovered multiple cases of credit card fraud, and was able to stop shipment of the product, saving the company over $30,000. I also created an electronic file system which stored over 200 company contracts, which significantly reduced the time needed to access contracts.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science & Business

Lehigh University
2015 - 2019
The Computer Science & Business program is a Lehigh-unique ABET and AACSB accredited major which is a full CS degree and full business degree. In my major, I learn everything a CS student learns, everything a business student learns, and how to apply my CS skills in fast-paced environments.

Courses (shortened)
  • Software Engineering
  • Algorithms
  • Databases
  • Web Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Blockchain
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics

Professional Skills

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Working Proficiency

Angular 2+

Working Proficiency

Other Skills

React.js R Git JavaScript C++ C Python
Node.js HTML5 CSS3



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I'm open to meeting new people and exploring exciting opportunities.

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